Trendmasters Robby the Robot + Forbidden Planet 50th Anniversary DVD & miniature
more photos 50th Anniversary Forbidden Planet DVD boxed set with Trendmasters Talking Robby the Robot Forbidden Planet set includes miniature die cast Robby the Robot with DVD and anniversary booklet in boxed collectors tin, new unused set Trendmasters 10" remote control talking Robby the Robot never played with in complete original packaging with miniature disintegrator pistol, excellent tested w ...  More
robby the robot
I have a 1985 Robby the Robot he is 16 inches tall , comes with the box , EXTRA HANDS AND BOOKLET.He have being modified with the new electronics and Voice, He speaks 14 phrases and lots of LED,s..He is also Remote Control So you could Activate his Voice from anywhere in the Room , Just turn him on and just push the Remote. None of the Robots you see on Ebay are Not Modified and Cost almost the Sa ...  More
robby the robot
I have three of this Robot listed they all have all the New Electronics and LED ,s lights and it says 14 phrases and all are Remote Control to Activate the Voice, This Robots are 16 inches tall and they have being painted and upgrade. They come to life when you turn this Robots on.None of the Robots you see on E bay are not modified and cost almost the same.
Miracle Action Figure Forbidon Planet Robby the Robot

Up for auction Miracle Action Figure, Robby the Robot new in the box. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
ROBIE THE ROBOT Roboic Banker Coin Piggy Bank Space Robby scifi 70 Radio Shack
Listed here is a vintage yellow and purple Robie the Robot robotic banker by Radio Shack. Bank measures approx.: 4 1/4" tall and approx.: 6" long. This one, unlike some you might find, is fully functional ~ Tested and WORKING bank and it stays on constantly. There may be a small surface scratch or scuff from storage and use, but it's overall in EXCELLENT condition. No battery compartment damage. C ...  More
Robby the Robot Space Trooper Tin Toy Windup RED
Robby Robot Space Trooper RED Mint and boxed with Spinning Radar Dish! Robot Space Trooper Red. Incredible quality tin toy robot just like the 1950's Robby the Robot. This is a new design standing 10" in with unique crank-wind up action. Robot travels forward, then turns in sequence, all the while the multi-colored radar dish spins inside its transparent dome. All tin toy reproduction robots from ...  More
Robby The Robot Key To Turn & Walk Old School Robot With Box

Tin Toy - Robby The Robot Windup - The Red Limited Edition! - New in Box
NEW Men's ROBBY the ROBOT 44" XL t-shirt by Boston Classic ~ Cosmic Artifa
ROBBY the ROBOT 46" XXL t-shirt by Boston Classic ~ Ray Rohr Cosmic Artifacts